Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biking Again...

So I've finally begun riding my bike to work; today marks the 4th straight workday. It feels good to be back on the bike even though I'm totally out of shape. I'm also hoping to do some racing this summer as well.

I guess I should mention that I attempted a race this past weekend at the DINO Series ( Spring Tune-up. Suffice it to say that I did so poorly that I didn't even end up on the results list ( I think the reason I'm not listed (#511) as a DNF is that I didn't even complete a single lap.

Not that anyone should be surprised. I had several things going against me. For one, I'm completely out of shape. Over the winter I was on the bike less than 10 miles. Second, my bike was in pretty rough shape. I couldn't shift the rear derailleur between more than a couple of gears and to top it all off my chain broke.

So I will continue to ride when I can from now on. We met the parents of one of my daughters schoolmates and apparently there are trails near where we live. Maybe this weekend I'll try them out. Lord knows I need the exercise.