Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My first (official) race of the season

I meant to put this out a few days after the race ended. Suffice it to say I finished, and I'm very proud of that. Unfortunately, I was 21st out of 25 in my age group, 45th in class (http://www.dinoseries.com/2008race1-BeginnerMen.htm).

It was a great day weather wise, if a bit too windy. The trails at Winona are pretty amazing. Nothing but single-track through mostly forest. I will definitely be doing this race again, hopefully doing a bit better next time.

I even had a cheering section. Right where the race ends, there's an opening so spectators can cheer you on. Dana and the kids were there, yelling "go daddy!" I decided to wave and almost crashed.

And if you're wondering, my bike didn't fail me this time. She's got a new chain and shifters that are well-lubed.

I can't wait for the next race!

PS. I just wanted to thank Erik again for getting us the Burley. It makes things like this possible and Jonas fell asleep in it!