Saturday, June 20, 2009

DINO 2009 Race #3 - Frank Park, Fort Wayne

Although I don't show up on the results (the person running the computer missed me as I was riding by but the backup didn't), I did end up 25th overall for Cat3 men, 12th out of 14 for my age group.

As usual, the second half of the race is always my better half.  There are several short but somewhat steep climbs on the trail that, if you're not ready, will require you to get out of the saddle and hike it.  Basically, the first lap I had to hike it, the second I was able to stay in the saddle.

Overall, I thought the course was really nice.  It's been a very wet Spring in Indiana but the trail, except for a few soft spots, was very nice.

Since the family and I will be on vacation, we won't be attending race #4 at Muscatatuk Park.  But we will be at Versailles State Park for #5. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grrrrrr...... DBAs...

This is a work related post so be prepared.  Why is it that DBAs still don't know the layout of the schema even though they've been working on it for 2 years?  I find that I'm constantly reminding them how the damn thing works.

Monday, June 01, 2009

DINO 2009 Race #2 - Brown County State Park

Yesterday was DINO Race #2 and what a day it was.  Temps in the mid to low 70s and low humidity.  And excellent day to race.

And a pretty good weekend to go camping.  Yes, Dana and I took the kids camping at the State Park.  It was at times a bit hectic but overall a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it, especially the s'mores.

Anyways, here's the race results:

Last year: 68/80
This year: 55/70

Age group
Last year: 30/32
This year: 22/25

Last year: 1:10:17
This year: 1:01:52

Doesn't seem like much of an improvement until you consider that I shaved off over 8 minutes on my time.  I would attribute this to the condition of my bike more than any improvement in fitness.  The differences on my bike from last year to this year are significant.  A working suspension fork, new bar and stem, new brakes, wheels, tires and crankset.  The bike is much easier to control and smoother on the trail.

Also, there's something to say about pre-riding the course.  I remembered that there was a steep climb early on and was able to stay in the front pack, but I forgot that there's a second one right before you enter the woods.  I ended up walking up the last 100 feet or so and lost any advantage I had from the first climb.  Also, on the Aynes Loop, there's a sustained climb for what seems like a mile or more and I had to do some walking for that as well.

Because my suspension fork worked this year, it was a more enjoyable race on the downhills.  And if my fitness was a little better I might have enjoyed the uphills.  Eh, maybe not...

Up next is Franke Park in the Fort Wayne.  The course looks to be very fast with some short, steep uphills.  I can't wait!