Monday, July 07, 2008

I think I just fell in love...

...with a wheelset.

Those have to be the sexiest MTB wheels I have ever seen. Oh, and the technical aspects are pretty insane as well.

DINO Race #4

Yesterday was the end of a good 3-day weekend which included race #4 of the DINO series; race #3 for me. It was the furthest south of any race of the series. And the course showed it.

If you've followed any of the weather that southern Indiana has been having, you know it's been very wet. And yesterday was no exception. At least half the course was wet not including the numerous water crossings. And since the lower classes run last, the course was as beat up as it was going to get all weekend.

Normally I wouldn't care if there was a little mud but, for me, it was a bit excessive. The mud wasn't a problem until my pedals got clogged up and I couldn't get clipped in. This was especially problematic on climbs or when I changed gears. Guess it's time for some Eggbeaters ( Also, since the Indiana soil contains a lot of clay, the course was very slippery around the water crossings. The tree roots, log crossings and bridges became especially treacherous.

Weather related track conditions aside, I would definitely recommend this course to any rider of moderate skill or higher. With drier conditions the course would have been perfect.

Notes on the race...

Things I need to work on: push-ups and crunches. After I got through the first lap, when I started to do a climb my lower back would start to scream. I attribute this to a lack of core strength. I know this because the couple of times I hunkered down and clenched my abs, my back hurt a LOT less.

Positives I can take away from this race: my legs are definitely getting stronger. The moderate climbs on the course, that I didn't slide out on, were perfect for me. I was able to stay in the saddle for most of them with only a slight (leg) burn. I also finished the race. It took me longer that I would have liked (sorry, Dana!) and I came in last, but as least I finished (

Here's hoping for drier conditions in New Castle.